Speech on the effects of Sharia court in Canada on Women’s Rights  

a look at Sharia Law in Vancouer and Victoria

Speakers: Homa Arjomand,  the Coordinator of Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada”

Other spreakers in Vancouver are:

Mina Behroozi, spokesperson of “the Campaign Against Sharia Court In Canada ” -B.C

Fahimeh Sadeghi, spokesperson of “the International Federation of Iranian Refugees” B.C

Vancouver :

When: Sunday, November21,2004 at 2.00-6.00PM

Where:   Simon Fraser University        

Harbour Center 515 West Hasting Street

Vancouver, B.C Room Labatt No 1700

For more information please contact Mina Behroozi at 604-727-8986

Victoria : 

When:    November 22,2004 , at 7:00pm    

Where:  University of Victoria , (HSD department) Bldg Room A240

Sponsored by:

The Victoria Iranian-Canadian Centre

Vancouver Island People’s Interest Research Group (VIPIRG (VIPIRG)

The University of Victoria (UVIC) Department of Humanities The University of Victoria Student Society Women’s Center

For more information please contact:

Tell: 250.472.4558

fax: 250.721.7285


Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group