Homa Arjomand

February 18 and 19, 2005


Speech at the Conference of “Children Rights Now” in regards to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its alternative


The Convention on the rights of the Child and its alternatives


I have no doubt that the Convention on the Rights of the Child which was adopted by General Assembly resolution 44/25 on 20 November 1989 is one that promoted social progress and better standards of life of the Child globally. 


For sure some of its articles can be adopted by the Maxima list which is of course the highest level of attainment with respect to progressive organizations in defence of children’s rights. My intention is not to focus on those progressive articles but rather on the inadequacy, conflicts and contradictions to the rights of children.


International Women’s Day 2005


Women's freedom is the measure of freedom in society. There is still a great deal left to accomplish in order to eliminate inequality between men and women

Organization for Women’s Liberation and the International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada are celebrating The International Women’s Day March 8th.


Separation of Religion from state, in defense of secularism, Against Sharia court in Canada for removal of family law from Ontario Arbitration act 1991. 


·       Dr.Robert Buckman

      President of “Humanist Association of Canada”

·      Sally Armstrong

       Women activist and journalist

·      Khiyal Ibrahim

     Counselor and the founder of women’s Liberation in Iraq

       Homa Arjomand

Coordinator, "The International Campaign

Against Shari'a Court in Canada

Let’s make this Day a memorable Day for equality

·        Live Spanish  Music

·        DJ & dancing

·        Dinner & cash bar




January 21, 2005.

 Mr. Vern Johnson

Edmonton, Alberta

Dear Vern:

Sharia Law:

We Should Not Legally Sanction Religious-Based Arbitrations

I am pleased to have been invited to comment on “Emerging Issues in Women’s Equality: A Look at Sharia Law” by Homa Arjomand. I note that in previous public discourses Ms. Arjomand has pointed out that the introduction of Sharia Law in Canada is being considered as a matter of administrative expediency in arbitrations and, through encouraging arbitrations, governments are thereby hoping to ease the burdens on the courts.  Supporters of these initiatives cite multiculturalism and religious freedom as justifications.  


Boyd Report

List #1

January 12, 2005

 From all the organizations to all the MPP’S:

 On December 20th, Ms. Marion Boyd released her report concerning the use of the Arbitration Act of Ontario, 1991 to settle family legal matters based on religious laws. We trust during this adjournment, you will take the time to read this important report in its entirety.

 Over the past year hundreds of activists have informed Ms. Boyd and the general public about the past failures and future risks of permitting religious groups to continue to settle family legal matters based on religious laws.

 We oppose the current two-tier legal system of secular and religious courts; where religious tribunals make binding rulings on family legal matters based on formal and informal religious laws, codes and values.

 We, the undersigned collectively believe in a secular court and “one law for all,” and recommend that all family legal matters be removed from the Arbitration Act of Ontario, 1991. We also believe that all family legal matters should be administered by a secular Family Court, subject to the Family Law Act of Ontario.

 We trust that when you have finished reading this report, we can add your name to the growing list of supporters (over 9000 to date) who want to ensure that all Ontarians are subject to one law, for the strength of a nation is its people, people that are governed by one law.

 Homa Arjomand

Coordinator of

The International campaign against sharia Court in Canada

 P.O. Box 45546 , 747 Don Mills Road, Toronto , On, M3C 3S4
416- 737-9500



This letter was signed by 73 organizations and  60 individual activist and has been sent to all MPP’s on Jan 19, 2005

P.O. Box 45546 , 747 Don Mills Road, Toronto , On, M3C 3S4
416- 737-9500   www.nosharia.com

 January 11, 2005


Sandra Pupatello

Minister Responsible for Women's Issues

Ministry of Community and Social Services
80 Grosvenor St, 6th Flr, Hepburn Block, Toronto ON M7A 1E9

 Re:      The Boyd Report: Dispute Resolution in Family Law

Dear Ms. Pupatello,

On December 20th, Ms Boyd filed her report with your office concerning the use of the Arbitration Act 1991, to settle family legal matters based on religious laws.

The Campaign worked hard to inform Ms. Boyd and the general public about the past failures and future risks of permitting religious groups to continue to settle family legal matters based on religious laws. Details of these abuses and our concerns appear in our reports and our Resolution 04-11-01, which were filed with your office and Ms. Boyd.

We believe in a secular court and “one law for all”. We oppose the current two-tier legal system of secular and religious courts; where religious tribunals make binding rulings on family legal matters based on formal and informal religious laws, codes and values.

Therefore we’re deeply disappointed to read on page 133 of Ms. Boyd’s report that she has recommended that the Arbitration Act may continue to be used by religious groups to settle family legal matters based on religious laws:

1. Arbitration should continue to be an alternative dispute resolution option that is available in family and inheritance law cases, …

2. The Arbitration Act should continue to allow disputes to be arbitrated using religious law, …   [page 133]

 We therefore re-affirm our support for “Resolution 04-11-01,  To Remove Family Law
 from the Arbitration Act of Ontario 1991”, and demand that all family legal matters be administered by a secular Family Court, subject to the Family Law Act of Ontario.

 Over 9,000 people have signed our petition and resolution. Hundreds more sign every week. They’ll continue to support us as we work to end religious tribunals in Ontario.

 Yours truly,

 Homa Arjomand


Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada

Monday, December 20th,  2004



Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor. Government/Political Affairs Editor



Boyd Report Pushes

Women's Rights in Canada Back 1400 Years

Arjomand Calls for Public Hearing



TORONTO , Canada - Homa Arjomand, Coordinator of the International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada opposes the conclusions of Boyd's report because it recommends using faith-based arbitration and encourages the spread of Political Islam in Canada .


"I was surprised that Ms. Boyd didn't find any evidence of women suffering from discrimination during faith-based arbitrations", said Ms. Arjomand. "we submitted several reports of abuse and gave testimonies in person to Ms. Boyd,.


"... as for safeguards recommended by Boyd, I believe she had no choice but to accept the fact that faith-based courts put women in danger", said Ms. Arjomand. "The same political forces that encouraged Ms. Boyd to define safeguards, will now work to remove family law from the Arbitration Act."


"Our lawyers are studying the decisions of several arbitration cases and will bring them to court and expose how women are victimized by male-dominated legal decisions based on 6th century religion and traditions.", said Ms. Arjomand.


 "We'll also challenge the use of the Arbitration Act for family law, numerous shortcomings of this Act are detailed in the resolution we filed with the government last month." she said, "and we'll consider a challenge based on the Canadian Charter of Rights."


"Ms. Boyd consulted specific community groups and made 46 recommendations which will impact all the citizens of Ontario substantially for generations to come. We therefore appeal to the Government of Ontario to hold a public hearing and give all the people an opportunity to speak on this issue." said Ms. Arjomand


 "The Campaign will mobilize a strong force to oppose Sharia Law... and we encourage women who were victimized in a faith-based court to contact us." said Ms. Arjomand.


Homa Arjomand a Toronto based transitional counselor was a human rights activist in Iran until she was forced to flee in 1989.


Media Contact:  Ms. Homa Arjomand  416-737-9500


Further Information:      www.nosharia.com



December 15, 2004


I am writing to make a different appeal to you today: The International Campaign Against Shari’a (Islamic) Courts In Canada needs your urgent financial support!

The initiators of Sharia court in Canada have Islamic states’ support. Their goals harm our society as a whole, particularly, If they succeed in setting up such establishments, the violation and oppression on the women and children in so-called Moslem “communities” will be legalized. Our campaign has put up a powerful resistance against them, struggling to defend justice, freedom, peace, and humanity. We have done so practically with no financial support for the whole past twelve months. Today, therefore, the International Campaign Against Shari’a Courts in Canada needs your financial support urgently in order to be able to march forward until the removal of family law from the Ontario Arbitration act 1991.

This campaign must, and shall be, victorious. It has already found its place in the hearts and minds of the people, and that is its driving force to victory.

The supporters of Islamic courts in Canada are part of the world movement of political Islam. They are supported by the rich Islamic states around the world. Our campaign, on the other side, is supported by the people, by the people like you who feel the urgent need to defend peace, security, and freedom. I have, therefore, no doubt that you will respond positively and generously to this appeal.  

There are, of course, numerous ways you can help the campaign financially. Most urgent, however, is your direct contribution. You will find the bank account information for the campaign at the bottom of this letter. Make a note of it, please, to make a donation the first chance you get today or tomorrow!

You can encourage your organizations, friends, families, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, students, and organizations to support the campaign. Let them know it is vital that it wins and to do so it needs your immediate financial support!

We also need fundraisers everywhere. If you are willing to help to organize fundraising events and activities, please contact us ASAP so we can work out the practical details.

I thank you very much in advance for your generous contributions.

Homa Arjmand  

Coordinator of the International Campaign Against Sharia Court In Canada

Please make a donation to: "No sharia Court in Canada"

and send your chequ to: 

Mailing Address: F.P.P.O

B.O.BOX 45546

747 Don Mills Road

Toronto , On, M3C 3S4   

For more information, please contact Homa Arjomand at  homawpi@rogers.com

Tell: 416-737-9500


Attention News Editors:

YWCA Toronto Takes a Stand on Sharia Law

    In Ontario , Some Are More Equal than Others


    TORONTO , Dec. 21 /CNW/ - Marion Boyd's report, Dispute Resolution in Family Law: Protecting Choice Promoting Inclusion misunderstands thefundamental risk of allowing women to "choose" to waive their rights under lawin alternative dispute resolution processes.

    While Ms. Boyd states and restates her commitment to the full range of competing aims between religious freedom and women's rights put forth in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, ultimately she puts her faith in training for arbitrators.

    "I think she's kidding herself", says Executive Director, Heather McGregor. "If there was a foolproof mechanism for screening for abuse and protecting women from the power imbalances that threaten their equality and safety, they'd surely be in evidence in the courts, the judiciary and the police by now. We have plenty of sensitivity training and protocols that do nothing to protect women at the end of the day," continues McGregor. "As the recent tragic deaths of so many Ontario women at the hands of their partners exemplifies, training is a flimsy mechanism for protection. It assumes a level of aptitude, good will, and accountability that has never been present before."


December 12, 2004t

Ms. Diane Rhéaume

Secretary General

Canadian Radio-television

& Telecommunications Commission

Gatineau , Quebec   K1A 0N2

Fax: 819-994-0218

Email: procedure@crtc.gc.ca

Subject: Intervention for CTV Newsnet   ---  CRTC Application # 2004-0921

Dear Ms. Rhéaume,

I am a community activist in Toronto that focuses on ending the use of Sharia law in Ontario . In the past year, I have been interviewed hundreds of times by reporters from TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. These reporters worked for news agencies from across Canada and the world.


Homa Arjomand will Speak


A conference on  Children’s Right are Universal”

 for the session entitled children and multiculturalism ”, “children and immigration ” & “children and culture, tradition and religion”

When: February 18 &19- 2005

Where: Stockholm , Sweden  

For more information please contact

E-mail address: karimshamohammdi@yahoo.se  
Phone:  0046+70852671

E-mail address:    homawpi@rogers.com
Phone:    001-416-7379500

A Conference on" Children's Right are Universal”
 February 18&19- 2005
   Stock holm , Sweden

Speech on the effects of Sharia court in Canada on Women’s Rights  

a look at Sharia Law in Vancouer and Victoria


International Campaign to End Sharia Court in Canada

Toronto , Canada

November 11th, 2004


Should Faith-Based Arbitrations be Permitted in Ontario ?

 Resolution 04-11-01

 To Remove Family Law
 from the Arbitration Act of


Speech at Panel Discussion on Separation of religion from State at the University of Toronto 's Faculty of Law

 November 4th, 2004

I should that say on the one hand  it is regrettable that at the  beginning of the twenty first century we still have to deal with the ancient debate about the separation of religion from the state. I said 'the ancient debate' because centuries ago religion and its industries' influence had been defeated in a great confrontation.


Separation of religion and state
Homa Arjomand will be on Panel Discussion at the University of Toronto on November 4th, 2004
Panel Discussion will take place at the U of T's Faculty of Law in
the afternoon of November 4, 2004. 


Homa Arjomand will be at Panel discussion on November 2nd 2004 at 9:30 am

Metroplolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children is holding a legal training every fall for those who work with women experiencing violence. This year’s training is a panel discussion on barriers to justice for women. for more information please contact Pamela Cross at pcross@kingston.net

Homa Arjomand

October 28, 2004

 Speech at METRAC (Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence against Women and Children) on “Emerging Issues in Women’s Equality –A look at Sharia Law”

 I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be among you today.  Gatherings like this provide an opportunity to discuss the obstacles women face in order to achieve equality. I’d like to present a true picture of the situation that women and children face in the so called Muslim communities. I will then highlight the need for the total separation of religion from the State as a precondition of women’s liberation in these communities. 


 In Celebration of Our 20th Anniversary

We Cordially Invite You to Our  

Annual General Meeting

  Guest Speaker:  Homa Arjmand

 “Emerging Issues in Women’s Equality

-A look at Sharia Law”

Entertainment by the Raging Asian Women Taiko Drummers

Light Refreshments Available


Thursday October 28th, 2004

6:00 P.M.


Cecil Community Centre

58 Cecil Street

( Spadina Avenue & College Street )

Monthly Presentation - Homa Arjomand. "Sharia Law and You"


October 15, Friday, 7 pm
2nd floor, room 2-214
O.I.S.E Building of the University of Toronto
252 Bloor St West ( Bedford exit of the St George subway stop on the Bloor line)

Speak at University Women's Club, Toronto
Homa Arjomand will speak at University Women's Club-Toronto
Where: 162 St. George St
(South West corner of Bloor and St. George, South of the Bata Shoe Museum), Toronto
 October 14, 2004

I am very confident that gatherings such as this one will make powerful contributions to the struggle for women’s freedom by raising the profile of women’s rights.  Such events draw attention to the urgent need for actions relating to ensuring the total equality of the sexes,  to secularism, and towards the establishment of a society where all people are free and equal regardless of  gender, race, nationality or country of origin.  

... More

Speech delivered at Millennium Scholarship Foundation's fourth conference held in Ottawa , Canada ,on September 17th 2004 .

 I am pleased to be among you today. My focus is on the division of religion and the state.

 I have divided my discussion into the following parts. First I will very  briefly talk about the characterizes of a civil society. Then I will concentrate on the conflict between culture,  'minority rights' and the  rights of individuals in society. I will also consider the role of muti-culturalism and cultural relativism as an obstacle for the achievement of the separation of religion from the state. I will conclude with a case study that demonstrates the difference between the life of an individual in a secular and one in a non -secular society.

... More

Homa Arjomand

Speech delivered on Wednesday September 15, 2004 at Media Conference “Make my community Safe” End sexual violence. 

I am pleased to be among you today. I am confident that the campaign, “Make my Community Safe,” launched by the OCRCC will strengthen the battle to eliminate sexual violence and that is a positive move towards building a better society for all. I encourage everyone to participate actively in supporting not only this campaign, but all campaigns of this nature.  

... More

The New Nation - Bangladesh's Independent News Source

Recently, the Ontario government in Canada announced that it would review plans to use Islamic law to settle family disputes. While this was not exactly what Homa Arjamand, Coordinator of the International Campaign against Sharia in Canada, and other women activists wanted to hear, the fact that the government agreed for a review, marks a minor victory. 



July 21, 2004

 Report of Meeting with Marion Boyd Regarding Shari’a Court in Canada

On Thursday July 15, 2004, Homa Arjomand, Co-ordinator of the International Campaign Against Shari’a Court in Canada was called to a meeting with Marion Boyd regarding concerns about Shari’a court in Canada. Marian Boyd has been appointed by Premier Dalton McGuinty to review the 1991 Arbitration Act  


Who are we?

The Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada consists of independent individuals and members of various organizations.

We believe that all people who live in Canada are citizen with equal rights, and should live according to the same social laws and norms. We do not divide society into cultural, religions, national, racial groups. We stand for equal and universal laws for all humanity irrespective of sex, race, ethnicity, etc. 


Protest rises over Islamic law in Ontario
Muslim women's groups vow to stop sharia courts
Lawyers say it will lead to injustices to most vulnerable


When Britain's Muslim community requested the right to use Islamic law to settle family disputes, the government's refusal was unequivocal. No, the petitioners were told: This is one nation, with one justice system for all. 


Life under sharia, in Canada?

Saturday, May 29, 2004 - Page A21

Homa Arjomand knows what it's like to live under sharia law. In Iran, she endured it until someone tipped her off that she was about to be arrested and imprisoned. Many of her activist friends had already been tried and executed. She, her husband and two small children (the youngest was barely one) escaped on a gruelling trip by horseback through the mountains. That was in 1989 .


Ontario sharia tribunals assailed
Women fighting use of Islamic law
But backers say rights protected


Had she stayed in Iran, Homa Arjomandw be dead. All — all — of the women's activists she worked with in Tehran have been executed, victims of a reactionary regime that ruled, and continues to rule, by strict adherence to Islam's sharia law. In 1989, she and her husband paid $15,000 to smugglers to help them and their two young children flee the country. For three days, they rode on horseback through the mountains, sleeping in barns before finally reaching Turkey. Two years later 


April 2004 - Report of meeting of Representatives of “The International Campaign Against Sharia Court In Canada” with Hon Sandra Pupatello,

On April 14, Homa Arjomand , Coordinator of “The International  Campaign Against Shari'a Court in Canada” arranged a meeting with Ms. Sandra Pupatello, Minister of Community and Social Services and Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues. The following representatives were present at the meeting:


March 2004- Report of meeting of Representatives of “The International Campaign Against Sharia Court In Canada” with Hon John Gregory and his counsel Anne Marie Predko

On March 25th Homa Arjomand the coordinator of “the International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada” arranged a meeting with Mr. John Gregory the crown Counsel of Ministry of the Attorney General.

At this meeting 


Homa Arjomand

Adapted from the speech delivered by Homa Arjomand at the panel discussion & debate on

“The Sharia courts and women’s rights in Canada” on March 7th 2004 in Toronto – Canada.


Universal rights of women irrespective of where they come from can not be achieved without a stiff resistance. The history proved that the norm and standard of modern society depend on an ongoing struggle for social progress, freedom, equality and justice. Thanks to women’s rights’ movements all restrictive and backward cultural, moral codes and customs which contradicted women’s independence; and all laws and regulations which restricted women’s right; and sexual discrimination have disappeared from the text of modern society.


Maryam Namazie


The following a speech prepared for the International Women’s Day panel on a Sharia Court in Canada in Toronto. Mar 7, 2004


Islamic [In]Justice

On the establishment of an Islamic Court in Canada


The ‘Islamic Institute of Civil Justice’ or what has become known as the Sharia Court has been heralded by proponents as a multicultural way of determining personal and family disputes for those who ‘choose’ to abide by Sharia law in Ontario, Canada. We are told it will promote ‘minority rights’ and that it is equitable, tolerant, and fair. We are told that if it is not established, the ‘Muslim minority’ will be marginalized and discriminated against. That anything less is racism pure and simple.




Shari’a, A Threat to the Canadian Society
by Elka Enola

Islam, like all religions, has adherents ranging from fundamentalists who take every written word of their ancient religious texts as the literal contemporary truth, to people who are almost secular and who are fully integrated into the wider society of their nation state.

... More