February 15, 2006

Apology over the caricatures of Mohammad will persuade Islamic movement towards their agenda.

The root of today’s new row of outcry over the caricatures of Mohammad must be sought in Yesterday’s coquet of the western leaders to Islamists movement.

Yesterday’s flirt with the leaders of political Islam; yesterday’s silence towards Islamists network of murder, abduction, torture, suppression of political opponents, women’s oppression and child abuse; yesterday’s policy to tolerate and respect the backward culture under name of cultural relativism; brought us today’s Islamic states and daily crimes of Islamic terror throughout the world. They brought us today’s honour killing in the Middle East and North Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England and France. They brought us today’s Sharia court in Canada and today’s outcry that threat to behead all the ones who do not adjust to the rule of Islam.  “Kill the one who insults the prophet”. With the same slogans brought us today’s silence.

What are the main issues of today’s Islamists Outcry over the caricatures of Mohammad?

The reality is this segment of society, which is well organized and is led by political Islam, is seeking for more validation and recognition from the parties in power in the west. (Note over one billion people believe to have Islam as their religion whilst those who participated in this outcry in comparison were of a small segment). Today’s outcry is to cause fear and intimidation amongst the main stream society. It is a struggle for more shares of power worldwide and possibly more control over the Middle East. It had nothing to do with insulting Mohammad as they preached it. Caricatures of Mohammad were only an excuse to organize an international campaign to promote their agenda. It is an attempt to oppress, so no one dares to oppose or criticize the crimes committed against children, youth and women with the banner of Islam. It is in fact the expansion of their practice in countries so called Islamic and to successfully achieve it, they need to safeguard this force from the mass media. The proposal of The OIC ( Organization of Islamic Conference) to EU ( European Union)  is indeed was part of the plan “To adopt necessary legislative measures by the EU against Islamophobia through the European Parliament. To make joint efforts by the EU and the OIC for the adoption of a Resolution by the United Nations on the lines of existing UN Resolution 60/150 (Combating defamation of religions) which should prohibit defamation of all Prophets and faiths”To adopt code of ethics for the European media. The code of ethics should take into account the sensitivities of the Muslims and defamation in any form or manifestation and the core beliefs of the religions including mocking and criticizing Prophets and it should be considered as an ethical offence in the European media code”.

One cannot ignore the recent victory of Hamas in Palestine as part of their driving force along with direct support of Saudi Arabia and Iran and organized outcry world wide for the above mentioned proposal.  


Defending unconditional freedom of expression is our duty

The outcome of this outcry should become everyone’s concern. If we do not take it seriously, it will persuade Islamic movement further more towards their agenda which is escalating insecurity in society, violating   of the most human rights and deteriorating political, cultural and social values. 

Media claims the fear of boycott, fear of another terrorist attack caused the spokesperson of various governments race to apologize for the misbehaviour of their press. What has not been mentioned is the outcome of these apologies in the near future. These apologies pave the way for more recognition, for more enforcement of brutal laws and tradition against women and children even in the heart of Europe. These apologies will limit the unconditional freedom of _expression. They will promote cultural relativism and more rights to religion putting religion rights over individual rights. They will allow culture, precede over human rights, equality, liberty and universal rights of women and children.

We should not compromise the general principal for individuals and civil rights. We will not settle for less than full and unconditional freedom of criticism whether it is of Muhammad, or any other profits? It is our duty to not allow any restriction towards freedom of _expression. All forms of intimidation aiming to suppress freedom of _expression should be forbidden. Not only apology should be stopped right now but also all the provoker of this outcry should face consequences for their intimidation and fear amongst people. 

Homa Arjomand