September 8th , Second Annual International Demonstration

Against Sharia Court in Canada









International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada

It has been a year since the International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada, called for a day of protest, nationally and internationally, against faith based courts in Ontario. The protestors wanted the Ontario to remove family law  from the 1991 Arbitration Act.

The Campaign worked hard to inform the general public and the ministries in charge about the high risks of permitting Sharia courts in Ontario. Unfortunately, despite all the warnings, the government of Ontario has not  taken a clear position to  prevent the interference of religious institutions in  the judicial system.

We call upon all concerned individuals and progressive organizations to join us in opposing the Ontario Arbitration Act 1991 which allows religion to interfere in   the Canadian judicial system. This Act allows family law disputes to be resolved outside the law courts by arbitrators according to their own religious and cultural beliefs. This act allows Islamic groups to legalize the suppression of women by implementing the proposed Sharia Court.

Join us!  Together, let us raise our collective voice for progressive change!  We can and must make a difference!  

Toronto: Queen’s Park, Ontario Legislature, (time, 12–2 Pm)


Homa Arjomand, Coordinator of International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada, 

June Callwood, Writer, journalist and founder /co-founder of over 50 social action organizations

Sally Armstrong, Journalist, an Amnesty International award winner, human rights activist

Irshad Manji, The author of The Trouble with Islam,.

Mahmood Ahmadi, human right activist, spokes person of federation of Iranian refugee

Tarek Fatah , Spokesperson of Canadian Muslim Congress

 Elka Enola, women’s right activist, representative of The Humanist Association of Canada

Issam Shukri, Head of "the Defense of Secularism and Civil Rights in Iraq - DSCRI"

Khayal Ibrahim, Spokeperson from Women’s liberation in Iraq, activist for women’s rights in Iraq, counselor for abused women

Samira  Mohyeddin, MA candidate at the Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Studies and the Middle Eastern Studies department at the University of Toronto.

Rita Smith, President of the Toronto-Danforth Progressive Conservative riding Association.

Justin Trottier, President of The Secular Alliance of Toronto University

Bev LeFrancois, Peace/ Women's Rights Activist  

Contact: Homa Arjomand,   416-737-9500

Ottawa: Parliament, (time, 12-2 PM)


Soheila Bayani, Women’s Rights activist, Event coordinator of International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada

Bonnie Dimond, Executive Director National Association of Women and the Law

 Elizabeth Cuddy, Human rights activist

 David Aram, Spokesperson of the International Federation of Iranian Refugees- Ottawa

  Maryam Abdola; Women’s Rights activist spokesperson of Women’s liberation in Iraq

 David Bleakney, Representative of the National Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Sheila Ayala, women’s right activist, representative of The Humanist Association of Canada

 Anu Bose PhD , Executive Director & Project Mgr.  NOIVMWC

Josiane Juegouo from the Mouvement ontarien des femmes immigrantes francophones (MOFIF)


Mila Younes Fédération nationale des femmes canadiennes françaises (FNFCF)


Denise Veilleux Union des forces progressistes


 Kim Pate, Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies


Maureen Meteer, Lawyer and advocate for women’s equality and right


* Representative of Niputesnisoumes  Organizations from France


* Representative Alliance on International Action

Contact: Soheila Bayani (

Vancouver: 800 Hornbi (in front of Family Court)down town

 Contact: Zari Asli, 604-727-8986

Victoria: Parliament

 Contact: Abass Mohammdadi (

Montreal : Time:  12:00 -13:00PM

devant  le complex Guy Favreau  Bd  Rene Levesque  O  Montreal

organisee par L,Association des Femmes Iraniennes de Montreal

Appuyee par  : La Federation des Femmes du Quebec.

Contact: Elahe Machouf ,

Waterloo:100 Rittenhouse Dr. Kitchener (time, 7-9 PM)

 contact: Heidy Schmidt at 518-291-5480

Penticton B.C:  Gyro Park 12:00-2:00 PM

Contact: Jane Turnell, at

England: London , Canadian High Commission, 38 Grosvenor Street , ( Bond Street Tube)


Roy Brown, President, International Humanist and Ethical Union.
 IHEU's main representative at the UN in Geneva.
Azar Majedi  the Chair Person of the “Organization for Women’s  Liberation” and Editor of Medusa;
Peter Tatchell, gay rights and human rights campaigner, of the queer rights group OutRage!
Babu Gogineni, Executive Director, International Humanist and 
  Ethical Union. Editor, International Humanist News
Shiva Mahboobi, women’s rights activist, PR to the International committee against stoning.
Bahram Soroush, civil and labour rights activist
Contact: Sohaila Sharifi at

Germany:  Dusseldorf In front of Canadian Consulate

Contact: Mina Ahadi, at

Sweden: Stockholm, In front of Canadian Embassy,

Contact: Mahin Alipour at 0046707777313 or

Sweden: Gutenberg: Brunnsparken K1

Contact: Shahla Nori at 0046737262622 or

Netherlands, Holland: Canadian Embassy, Sophialaan 7, 2514 JP   `S-Gravenhage ,( DENHAAG)

Speakers: Sawitri Saharso; Halle Qureshi, Jan Marijnissen (,  Afshin Ellian, Farshad Hoseini ( ), Farah Karimi , Femke Halsema, Fereshteh Moradi

contact: Sorosh Ebrahimi, At 0031-(0) 61324331 or

France: Canadian Embassy, 35 avenue Montaigne 75008, Paris

Speakers: More

Contact: Michèle Vianès, 06 10 39 94 87 or