Friday, September 9th, 2005



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‘…no binding family arbitration in Ontario
or laws that discriminate against women’ says Attorney General Michael Bryant


TORONTO – “The government is definitely heading in the right direction”, said Ms. Homa Arjomand, Coordinator of the International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada, “I hope this statement by the Attorney General means he will soon bring an end to faith-based courts in Ontario”.


Yesterday at noon, Ms. Arjomand led over 400 protesters to Queen’s Park to demand the liberal government stop allowing family legal matters such as divorce and child custody, to be settled in private courts based on religious laws. At 4:30 pm, ninety minutes following the demonstration, the Attorney General of Ontario issued the following statement:


“We have heard loud and clear from those who are seeking greater

protections for women. We must constantly move forward to eradicate

discrimination, protect the vulnerable, and promote equality…


We are guided by the values and the rights enshrined in our Charter of Rights

and Freedoms.


We will ensure that the law of the land in Ontario is not compromised,

that there will be no binding family arbitration in Ontario that uses a set of

rules or laws that discriminate against women.”

”I agree with the Attorney General, we do need more protections for women and to eliminate discrimination, said Ms. Arjomand, ... we can best achieve this through the Family Law Act of Ontario. The Canadian Charter can guide us as it clearly states ‘Every individual …has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination’”.


All we ask is to be treated equally, the same as other Canadians.” added Ms. Arjomand. “… to do so we need to end faith –based arbitration”.


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