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Friday, September 3, 2004


Attention:   News, Features, Government/Political Affairs, Religion Editors

 International Demonstration at Queens Park Toronto

To Protest Sharia Court In Canada


TORONTO -  the International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada , calls for a protest at Queens Park , Ontario Legislature on Wednesday, September 8th   from 12 noon to 2 pm .


This demonstration is part of an international protest with similar events planned across Canada and in Europe :


            Ottawa , Parliament Hill, - 12 noon

            Penticton , BC , Gyro Park ,  - 8 am

            Vancouver , BC , 800 Hornby St. , - 12 noon

            Victoria , BC , British Columbia Legislature, 12 noon

            England , Canadian Embassy, - 12 noon

            Germany , Canadian Embassy, - 12 noon

   Sweden Gutenberg, Brunnsparken K1-3.00pm


The protestors want the Ontario Government to remove civil and family legal matters from the 1991 Arbitration Act.


This act currently allows...


Religion to interfere with the Canadian justice system.

Family disputes (divorce, custody of children etc,) to be resolved privately by unregulated arbitrators who make settlements based on their personal religious and cultural beliefs.

Islamic groups to legalize the suppression of women in Ontario by applying Sharia laws based on the Koran.


For more information please contact Homa Arjomand at 416-737-9500 homawpi@rogers.com  or visit www.nosharia.com




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