May 17th, 2006




Attention:†† News, Features, Government/Political Affairs, Religion Editors



Political Islam strikes back - Dutch revoke citizenship of Ayaan Hirsi Ali


A Political Honour Killing in Holland



Rita Verdonk, Minister of Dutch immigration revoked Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Dutch citizenship for giving a false name and birth date when she applied for asylum in the Netherlands in 1992.


This decision to revoke her citizenship as well as the political pressure by the Dutch government and a number of members of parliament has caused Ayaan Hiris Ali to resign from the Lower Chamber and to make plans leave Holland.


Some members of the Dutch parliament have criticized Verdonk for her hasty decision on this matter as Ayaan has already spoken in public quite openly both nationally and internationally, on many occasions, that she had to disclaim part of her identity.


The misinformation on Ayaan's application for asylum is not new, however the Dutch government has just recently decided to use this information as a pretext to advance its political agenda. We believe the Dutch government is submitting to the demands of Political Islam and to improve its relations with countries so called Islamic as well as Islamistsí groups.†


We oppose the ambitions of Political Islam and comply of the Western government towards it and we denounce the Dutch government and other Western governments that comply with the political agenda of Islamic regimes and Islamic movements. These regimes use their economic and diplomatic power under the guise of multiculturalism advance their agenda and to silence free thought and expression.†


As freedom seekers and defenders of Women's rights globally we denounce this attack by Political Islam on Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This attack is not coincidence, but part of the basic policy of the Islamic movement - to eliminate high profile activists against Political Islam


Holland has an anti-human rights policy against immigrant and refugees. This is the same government that declared Iran with its Islamic regime, as a safe country and deported asylum seekers back to Iran then and now. Its action against Ayaan Hirsi Ali once more proves it's discriminative and anti human policy against immigrants. Indeed Ayaan is a victim of such discriminative policy.

We support Ayaan Hirsi Ali, this support is global. We must inform all progressive organizations, all defender of women's rights, and the protectors of human rights, all freedom seekers and all progressive individuals about the vicious attack by the Dutch government against a well-known women's rights activists and a persistent fighter against political Islam. We must reprimand the Dutch government for its obscene action.††† Defending Ayaan Hirsi Ali means opposing political Islam and Islamists' terrorism.† We must not allow these spokespersons to be pushed aside.

Homa Arjomand

Coordinator of the International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada